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GO TO > WP Admin > Appearance > Menus

This is the default WordPress tab for creating and managing the location of the menus on your website.

Once you are in the menus tab, you will also see a Manage Locations tab. This is the default WordPress place to set up your menus for all possible locations.

Split header uses two menus at the same time, which means you have to create two menus and assign one of them as a “Primary Menu” and the second one as a “Secondary Menu” in the Display Location section

You can replace the existing social icons menu that appears in the action bar & footer of your website with any other menu you want. You will find this in the manage locations tab, under the name Social Menu Top and Bottom

You can set another menu on each page, it’s really easy – while editing the page, just select it from a dropdown menu; more about page options here.

To set another menu for mobile, you have to go to the responsive options of the theme options, your menu will be able to select from a dropdown menu.



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