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How the Redirects Work

It is possible to configure redirect rules at different positions. The following order is maintained when searching for a available URL to redirect to:

  1. Variable product setting (set in the ‘Variations’ tab)
  2. The product settings (set in the ‘Advanced’ tab)
  3. Global setting (set in the WooCommerce > Settings > Product > Display section)
  4. Default behaviour (either redirect to cart or stay on the same page).

Works With AJAX and non-AJAX Buttons

In the WooCommerce > Products > Display page you can configure if you’d like to add products to the cart through AJAX or not on archive pages. The Add to Cart Redirect plugin works with either mode, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Configuring a Redirect After Add to Cart

The points above list the different locations where a after add to cart redirect can be configured. Each location has the same type of setting field for configuring a redirect.

The redirect setting field has the ability to search for (custom) post type posts, or enter a custom URL. Whenever you start typing in the field it will start searching for posts and present you with the found options. At the bottom it will always show the ‘Custom’ option which is the entered value as a URL.

The search feature looks in all the public (custom) post types. For example when you’re running a clean WP and WC install it will search between posts, pages and products. If you have additional plugins installed that add public post types it will also search within those.

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