Book Yoga Classes after pre-purchase of 10 sessions (Using Smart Coupons and Min/Max Quantities)

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You have a yoga studio and would like to offer the option to pre-purchase 10 sessions at a 10% discount. The customer can then book up to 10 yoga sessions at any time using coupons they received after purchasing the Pre-Purchase 10 Yoga Sessions product.


Products used

WooCommerce Bookings
WooCommerce Smart Coupons
WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities

Setup and Configuration

Create the yoga class

Set up the yoga class as you would any other Bookings product via Products > Add new. Here’s what this demo product looks like:


Create the coupon

Start by creating a new coupon via WooCommerce > Coupons:


The following sections on General are particularly important:

  • Percentage discount lets you set the discount for the selected product. In this case, it needs to be 100 as we need to give a 100% discount. You could set a fixed price discount; by doing it this way, the coupon will adjust automatically if the cost of the Bookings product changes.
  • Valid for lets you set the validity of the coupon. You can set a time frame, or leave it empty if you don’t want an expiration date.
  • Prefix for coupon title makes the coupon title look better when it shows up for the customer. It’s helpful if the title is descriptive.

On Usage restrictions tab, set the product that the coupon can be used for, e.g., The yoga class:


On the Usage limits tab, set the usage limit per coupon to 1, so that each coupon can only be used once:


Publish the coupon.

Create the coupon product

Create a new simple product via Products > New and set it up as follows:


The following sections are particularly important:

  • Product should be a simple product and virtual.
  • Regular price is €20 (the yoga class costs €20) and sale price is €18 due to the 10% discount. This is the price per class, as the customer will be purchasing 10 classes – the multiplication will happen in the cart.
  • Coupons is used to select the coupon that we created in the previous step.
  • Group of… is set to 10, which is what allows the customer to purchase in sets of 10 classes.

Customer experience

Purchasing coupons

Customers will start out by purchasing the pack of 10 yoga classes. This shows the price per class and that they’ll be purchasing 10 classes:


This displays as 10 classes in the cart:


Once the customer has completed the checkout process, the coupons are available via My Account under Orders, as well as display in the cart and checkout for relevant products.


Purchasing a class using a coupon

Customers go to the yoga class and book it as usual, seeing the normal cost. In the cart, customers are able to see coupons that can be applied:


Once a coupon is selected, the cost is reduced to €0:


The customer proceeds through the usual checkout flow, but won’t need to pay anything for the class.

If they check their My Accounts page, they’ll see that the number of available coupons is reduced by one.

Refund or cancellation returns the coupon

If the booking is cancelled or refunded, the coupon is returned to the customer so they can use it again.

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