Bookings: Different Price for Weekends

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A dog walking service wants to charge a special discounted rate for weekends. Weekday rates are $20. Weekends $15.

With Bookings, you can increase or decrease your price based on the range of months, weeks, days, or time range.


Products Used

Setup and Configuration

These instructions assume you have already set up a bookable product for a Dog Walking Service, according to steps outlined at Create a Bookable Product.

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Products and select the bookable product for your Dog Walking Service
  2. Please select the Costs tab.
    Here you will select the Range Type of Range of days and then select the adjustment of - for the Booking cost and add a 5 there. This will subtract $5 from the cost of the booking for Saturday and Sunday.


The final product will look like this on the front end of your website.


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