Bookings Use Case: Boat Cruise with Cabin Types, Occupancy Rates and Discounts

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You’re selling tickets for a cruise and want to allow passengers to book their cabins. The following needs to be considered for the rates:

  • Different cabin types: rooms with and without windows have different rates (i.e. rooms with a window are $100 more per person)
  • Number of passengers in each cabin: per person rates are different based on single or double occupancy and doubles get $50 discount per person
  • Different dates have discounts: holidays have higher costs per person (i.e. July 4th, November 22nd and December 25th are extra $45 per person)
  • Customers can book up to ten days

Here is an example fee table:

Normal Dates No Window Single $250/person
Normal Dates No Window Double $200/person
Normal Dates Window Single $350/person
Normal Dates Window Double $300/person
Holidays No Window Single $295/person
Holidays No Window Double $245/person
Holidays Window Single $395/person
Holidays Window Double $345/person


Products Used

Setup and Configuration

Here’s how you can configure the bookable product:


The booking duration is per day and customers can choose up to 10 days for their cruise. The product is virtual (no shipping is needed), has persons and resources (cabin types).



Click the Add/link Resource button to create your two resources – Cabin with window and Cabin without window. Cabin with window is an extra $100 per person, per day. Include $100 in the Block Cost.


Note: If cabin with window is only $100 extra for the entire booking, add $100 to the base cost instead.


Here we’ve created rules for the following costs:

  • On a normal day, the lowest priced booking would be $250 for one person in a no-window cabin
  • When two people are added to booking, each person gets a $50 discount. So the block cost is -$50
  • We have three specific dates for holidays where the per person cost will be an extra $45 per person



Enable and Add Person Type to include a maximum of 2. Enable multiple all costs by person cost and count persons as bookings settings.


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