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List of Classes in WooCommerce

For a list of Classes in WooCommerce, please see the API DOCS.

Common Classes


The main class is ‘woocommerce’ which is available globally via the $woocommerce variable. This handles the main functions of WooCommerce and init’s other classes, stores site-wide variables, and handles error/success messages.

The woocommerce class initializes the following classes when constructed:

  • WC_Query – stored in $woocommerce->query
  • WC_Customer – stored in $woocommerce->customer
  • WC_Shipping – stored in $woocommerce->shipping
  • WC_Payment_Gateways – stored in $woocommerce->payment_gateways
  • WC_Countries – stored in $woocommerce->countries

Other classes are auto-loaded on demand.


WooCommerce has several product classes responsible for loading and outputting product data. This can be loaded through PHP using:

$product = wc_get_product( $post->ID );

In the loop this is not always necessary since calling the_post() will automatically populate the global $product variable if the post is a product.


The customer class allows you to get data about the current customer, for example:

global $woocommerce;
$customer_country = $woocommerce->customer->get_country();

View the API docs for a full list of methods contained in this class.


The cart class loads and stores the users cart data in a session. For example, to get the cart subtotal you could use:

global $woocommerce;
$cart_subtotal = $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_subtotal();

View the API docs for a full list of methods contained in this class.

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