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Restrict shipping methods and payment gateways using conditional logic

Conditional Shipping and Payments allows you to restrict the shipping and payment options available on your site using conditional logic. blank

Create advanced rules to:

  • Disable shipping methods based on weight, item count, cart total.
  • Control the availability of free shipping, flat rates and other shipping options per product, category or shipping class.
  • Introduce country, state, or zip code shipping restrictions for specific products.
  • Limit shipping and payment options to specific customers and customer roles, such as membership holders or wholesale customers.
  • Use specific payment gateways to pay for subscriptions.
Looking for a WooCommerce weight based shipping plugin? Or a way to disable a payment gateway for specific shipping methods? This is it!


Conditional Shipping Methods

Create rules to conditionally show or hide shipping methods:

  • Per product, category or shipping class.
  • By weight, item quantity, or cart total.
  • When activating a coupon code.
  • When purchasing subscriptions.
  • For individual customers, customer roles or site members.
blankSupercharge WooCommerce: “Shipping by weight” rules created with Conditional Shipping and Payments work with existing shipping zones and methods, not against them.

Conditional Payment Gateways

Conditionally enable or disable payment gateways:

  • By shipping method, country, state or postcode.
  • Depending on the chosen billing country.
  • Based on order total or currency.
  • By product, product category or shipping class.
  • When paying for subscriptions.
  • For individual customers, customer roles, or members of your site.
blankNeed to restrict payments or shipping based on cart total, or for specific customers? No problem!

Shipping Country and State Restrictions

Create rules to prevent customer orders from being shipped to specific shipping countries or states in order to comply with customs import regulations, or shipping terms. Build per product shipping rules, or custom conditional rules based on:

  • Product categories or shipping classes in the cart.
  • Cart or shipping package totals.
  • Customer roles or memberships.
blankAnother reason to love WooCommerce: Per product shipping restrictions, at your fingertips.

Want to learn more? Check out the documentation for a complete list of all conditions available in the extension.

Unclutter Your Workflow

Struggling with scattered snippets and plugins with limited functionality? It’s never too late to streamline the way you manage your shipping and payment rules!

To help you integrate restrictions into your workflow, Conditional Shipping and Payments allows you to create both global or per product restrictions. No matter which approach you choose, the extension lets you easily manage your shipping and payment method restrictions.

Rigorously Built and Tested

Running a high-traffic store?

The extension leverages all caching optimizations built into WooCommerce and loads only the components needed to evaluate the rules you’ve built. This ensures that Conditional Shipping and Payments will never slow you down.

We’ve written over 2000 automated tests to ensure that all features will work as expected, update after update, so you can stay focused on what matters the most: Your business — not your plugins!

Customize & Extend It

Conditional Shipping and Payments comes with more than 10 integrations with popular extensions, such as SubscriptionsMemberships and Gift Cards — and the list keeps growing!

Need to build a custom condition? Use actions and filters to add new conditionscustomize the extension, or even build new types of cart/checkout restrictions from scratch.

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