Create a new administrator account in WordPress

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To provide the quickest support possible, it is helpful if you include an administrator account so our Happiness Engineers can take a look at the issue. We recommend creating a temporary admin login, which can then be deleted once we are finished.

Create user account

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to: Users > Add New.
  2. Enter a username* (use something unique like woologin)
  3. Enter an email address (use – Note: This email address can be accessed through our system so we can reset the password if necessary.
  4. Make note of the password generated by WordPress, and send it to us. We can reset the password if necessary, but it’s easiest if you share it using
  5. Ensure that the Role is set to Administrator.
  6. If your site is not in English, please define English as the user language
  7. Select Add New User.

Send details

Add a new note to the ticket in the dashboard, or simply reply to the email you receive in your inbox.

Send us:

  • URL of your website
  • Username of the account
  • Password (use a safe sharing service like
  • If you’ve used we’ll be able to reset the password if necessary

Delete user account

Once the issue is resolved and you no longer need the account, go to Users > All Users, then username of the account and Delete.

For security reasons, we recommend doing this as soon as interaction with our support team is finished.


Here’s what the founder of WordPress has to say about why you should never use admin as your username.

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