Creating New States/Locations


With the Shipping Locations Pro extension installed, shop managers and administrators can create new states for each of the countries listed in WooCommerce. These states will be stored next to, and loaded alongside, the existing states.


Getting Started

To create a new state/region (or location if you will), please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that Shipping Locations Pro is installed & active
  2. Navigate to WooCommerce > Shipping Locations
  3. Under Manage Locations, select the country you would like to add a new location to
  4. The list of current states for the selected country on the right-hand side will refresh
  5. Enter the State Name you’d like to add
  6. Enter the State Code you’d like to assign to the State Name
  7. Click on the “Add” Button
  8. Notice the newly created state show up on the right-hand side.


Pre-Loaded States

By default, WooCommerce includes states for specific countries (e.g. United States of America, China, India, South Africa etc.). With Shipping Locations Pro, shop owners get access to the full list of states for all countries (e.g. Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany etc.). To see a full list of all the supported countries, please consult the following guide: States packaged with Shipping Locations Pro.

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