Custom availability with date and hour range

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How to create custom availability settings to include hours and custom date ranges.

Bookings should:

  • Only be available on Mondays 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Not be available on September 9, 2019

Products Used

Setup and Configuration

Bookable product

  1. Go to: Product > Add Product
  2. In Product Data, select Bookable product
  3. Set the Booking duration to “Fixed blocks of 1 Hour(s)”

bookable product

Availability settings

  • All Dates are not-available by default. This setting will be overridden by the availability ranges listed below.
  • First block starts at … 8:00 AM
  • Range type
    • Custom Date Range | From: 2019-09-09 | To: 2019-09-19 | Bookable: No
    • Monday | From: 8:00 AM | To: 4:00 PM | Bookable: Yes

The availability rules will be applied from first to last.



The customer will see this the availability option:


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