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WooCommerce is beginning to translate WooCommerce.com-owned extensions into multiple languages.

We will be highlighting the supported languages in a new field on each product page as well as a country flag to identify if the extension works in that location.

We have plans to translate WooCommerce owned extensions in 2020 and are starting with Spanish.

We will not force our vendors to provide translations of their owned extensions. If a vendor would like to provide translations of their extensions they can do that today, by submitting the extension in the host language.

Don’t see your language?

WooCommerce has plans to translate WooCommerce owned extensions into Spanish, French, and Portuguese. We have no plans to expand beyond these languages in 2020.

What extensions will be translated?

We will be starting with WooCommerce Bookings and including its companion extensions; Bookings Availability and Accommodation Bookings. After its success, we will look into translating other extensions owned by WooCommerce.

What about extensions WooCommerce doesn’t own?

We will not require third-party extensions to be translated. Developers can submit their extensions in multiple languages but that does not guarantee support in that language. Please check the support guidelines of that vendor.

How can I translate an extension?

WooCommerce is localization-ready out of the box and in-depth directions can be found here. 

Want to get involved?

WooCommerce and WordPress thrive on contributions from our user base and come localization-ready out of the box. All that’s needed is a translation file for your language. If you have a translation you would like to submit, you can do so here. If you’re new to translating, checkout the translators handbook to get started.

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