All that you need to know about the footer in Codibu.

  • LayoutSelect how many columns on the footer you want to have
  • StyleChoose style of the footer
  • PaddingSpecify padding size for the footer area
  • OptionsEnable or disable the full-width option for the footer. This option will work only if the full-width layout is selected for the theme.
  • image here you can upload an image that will be used as a background on your header
  • PositionSelect attachment of image; you can select also select the parallax or fixed position
  • SizeChoose how you want to see your image, covered, contained, or auto (selected depending on resolution)


The fixed option is not working on iOS devices

On this operating system, this feature is disabled by default.

  • Call to action content provided in this field appears above the Footer, you can insert the shortcodes and HTML structures here
  • CopyrightContent provided in this field appears below the Footer; you can insert the shortcodes and HTML structures here
  • Copyright & Social BarTurn them off or select how they should be aligned
  • Back to Top button choose between various back-to-top button styles
  • Popup Contact Form | ShortcodeInsert the shortcode of the contact form to display in a popup
  • Popup Contact Form | IconChoose an icon inside a button that turns on the popup contact form


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