How to Add and Change Your Rating on a Support Ticket

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Our Support Ninjas do their best to offer solutions, but occasionally you’re just not satisfied. We understand that and always strive to improve, which is why we ask you to rate our service on every ticket.

If you chose to give a bad rating, you may still hear from a Ninja to follow up and see if they can still help. We don’t give up that easily!

After this interaction, you may want to change the rating you previously gave.

Give your rating

1. Log into your account, if you haven’t already.

2. Go > My Account > Tickets. All your tickets are listed When a ticket is solved, you’re able to add a rating.

3. Select the ticket.


4. Scroll to the end of the conversation, where you’re asked to give a rating. We’d love extra info to understand why you gave that rating.

5. Select a happy or sad face, optionally add a comment.

6. Submit Rating.


Change your rating

If you want to change your rating from bad to good or good to bad, go to the ticket again.

1. Scroll down to the option Change your rating?

2. Click and select a different face and enter an optional comment.

3. Submit Rating.


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