How To CHMOD the cache folder

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In order for the image resizer to be able to show resized images, it needs to have permission to store the resized files in a cache folder. This folder is located in your theme folder for example: wp-content/themes/freshnews/cache/. To allow the image resizer to write to this folder, you have to CHMOD the cache folder.

What is CHMOD?

CHMOD means simply setting write permission so the script is able to write to the cache folder. We need to set the permissions to 775.

You need to connect via FTP and locate the theme folder mentioned above. You then use your FTP-program to set the permissions set permission to 775 (or 777 or full write permissions) on the cache folder.


Here are a few tutorials to help you out with this:

  • How to CHMOD from FTP
  • Siteground: CHMOD with FTP

FTP programs

If you already have an FTP program installed, search the help file or try to google it (ex. “cuteftp how to chmod”).

  • SmartFTP is a free FTP program and it is very easy to CHMOD.
  • FireFTP is a free addon to Firefox.

If you don’t have the required connection details to connect to your host, you need to ask your hosting provider for the host name, username and password.


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