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Installing WordPress at Atlantic.Net 

  • Install WordPress On A Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

You can also install WordPress on Ubuntu with one click WordPress Hosting on Atlantic.Net.

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Installing WordPress at AWS 

  • Installatron WordPress Installatron WordPress is a pre-configured and ready-to-launch image that contains a WordPress website and Installatron’s WordPress management tools.
  • Architecting a Highly Scalable WordPress Site in AWS A guide for building a more expensive, highly scalable AWS implementation using Amazon’s Relational Data Store (RDS) et al.

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Installing WordPress at DigitalOcean 

  • How to install WordPress on Ubuntu 14.04

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Installing WordPress at Linode 

  • Manage Web Content with WordPress Install WordPress on a Debian Server with a LAMP Stack

You can also install WordPress on Ubuntu with one click using this StackScript on Linode.

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Installing WordPress at iPage Hosting 

  • This is a great step by step tutorial by IStartBlogging on how to setup your blog the smart way with iPage Hosting.

In less than 5 minutes from now, you will have your blog ready on your domain. You will install WordPress on your own domain as an Automated Process with ONE Click WordPress Installation feature from iPage hosting.

Installing WordPress at Microsoft Azure 

  • Installing WordPress on Microsoft Azure is as simple as a few clicks. A hosting space and MySQL database will be created and configured, so you’re ready to start creating within a matter of seconds.
  • Running into some issues and need to troubleshoot your WordPress site on Azure? Follow this handy Troubleshooting guide for WordPress on Azure
  • There is a full listing of resources on how to learn more about WordPress on Microsoft Azure!
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