Layouts are a great way to make one or more pages on your website look different. You can have another logo, background, header, etc.

Layouts creation

GO TO > WP Admin > Layouts > Add New


    • LayoutSelect if your layout has to be Full Width or Boxed


  • ImageThe background image of a layout
  • PositionChange the position of the background image.
  • LogoChange the default logo
  • RetinaChange the retina logo
  • Sticky HeaderChange the sticky header logo
  • Sticky Header RetinaChange the retina sticky header logo
  • MobileChange the logo for mobile
  • Mobile RetinaChange the retina logo for mobile
  • Mobile Sticky HeaderChange the sticky logo for mobile
  • Mobile Sticky Header RetinaChange the retina logo for mobile when the header is sticky


  • StyleChoose between the Default and Simple style of the theme. This concerns the general look of shortcodes/items.
  • MinimalistEnabling this option will remove padding & the background image from your header
  • StickyTurn on/off the sticky header
  • Sticky | StyleChoose between white, dark, and the same as Top Bar left background color.


  • SkinChoose one of the predefined styles or use your colors from theme options
  • Subheader | Background Background color of the subheader
  • Subheader | Text Color Text-color of the subheader

Display on page

You can set your custom layout in the page options while editing one of the pages; see it here



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