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Susan is the director of a local museum and wants people to book online to have competitive prices on the market.

  • Museum is closed on Mondays, Christmas and January 1
  • You can book for a day, then come when it’s best for you, there’s not a preferred time
  • Adult price is $ 10 per ticket and children is $ 5
  • Maximum number of people each day is 250
  • On Sunday adults pay half price and children ticket is free
  • You must print your booking receipt as the barcode on it will be needed to verify your ticket (optional, you need WooCommerce Order Barcodes 1.1.1 for this)


Products Used

Setup and Configuration

Museum Tickets

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Products > Add New to create a bookable product for the museum.
  2. Scroll down to Product Data > General tab.
    • Select Bookable Product from the dropdown.
    • Tick the box for Virtual because nothing requires shipment.
    • Tick the box for Has Persons.
    • Set Fixed Blocks of 1 Day for the booking duration.
  3. Go to the Availability tab.
    • Enter Max Bookings per Block and Min/Max Block Bookable as appropriate
    • Enter Range Type and Days/Dates and whether it is bookable. More info at: Create a Bookable Product.


  4. Go to the Costs tab.
    • Enter the Base, Black and Display cost as appropriate
    • Enter the Range Type, Days/Dates and Base/Block cost if using.


  5.  Go to the Persons tab to set different prices, e.g., Adults, children, seniors, members, etc.



This is optional and requires the use of WooCommerce Order Barcodes.

If you have purchased and installed it, be sure to activate it and configure settings at: WooCommerce > Settings > General > Barcodes. More detailed instructions at: WooCommerce Order Barcodes Setup and Configuration.


This is what the visitors to the website will see:


If also using WooCommerce Order Barcodes, place an order and receive this on the Thank you page:



Ask customers to print or download this page and bring it with them because the barcode is needed to verify validity of payment.

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