Present your offer with a great-looking slider that comes in two different styles, Offer Slider and Offer Slider Thumb.

Offer creation

GO TO > WP Admin > Offer > Add New
  • Button text sets a name for the button.
  • The Button link inserts an URL for the button.
  • Open the link in a new window table or disable it to open the button link in a new tab.
  • ThumbnailSet an image for the Offer Slider Thumb item.
  • The category; you can add categories to each of your offers and display specific ones on different pages.
  • Featured ImageAdd your offer image. We recommend using 960px x 540px image sizes.

Display on a page

Once you have filled all the client logos, you can display them on your website. There are two possibilities:


This method is very useful when you want to insert this item inside your content or when you are not using the Codibu Builder but still want to use the items provided by the theme.

Codibu Builder items

The best and most visual way to add content is the Codibu Builder. 

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