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What I used for this scenario


Susan sells t-shirts, but in order to make her time and effort more worthwhile, she only wants to ship to customers who spend at least £50 in her store.

Table Rate Shipping configuration

Step 1: Setting up a shipping class

Go to: WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Shipping Classes and create a new shipping class. In this case, Susan wants one for all her t-shirts.



Step 2: Adding shipping class to product

Go to your product and select the “Shipping” tab. There you can select the “T-shirt” class.



Step 3: Add shipping zones

Go to: WooCommerce > Shipping Zones and setup a shipping zone. In the example here, Susan only wants to sell to the UK. So as Zone Name, choose “United Kingdom” and under Zone Type choose “United Kingdom” in the first option. Then select Add shipping zone.

Step 4: Configure shipping zone

Once you have done that, select Configure shipping methods” for this area.



Next, select Choose a shipping method … > Table Rate > Add To Zone. Once you have done that you will be able to select Edit under Table Rate.

Once you are in the next window, scroll down to Table Rates. There follow these points:

  1. Select Add Shipping Rate
  2. Shipping Class: T-shirts
  3. Conditions: Price
  4. Min/Max: 0 and 50
  5. Select Abort
  6. Add an explanation, for example: “No shipping for less than £50 (only local pickup)”

Then repeat this process, but set the Min to 50 and choose the cost of shipping. In this case Susan wants the shipping to be 10% of the cost.

Finally, scroll down and select Save the shipping method.



Step 5: Review shipping methods

In the last step, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping. There you can see all the shipping methods that are active. In our case, we have only enabled Local Pickup as alternative to Table Rates.


Customer View

Now we have set up everything, let’s look at what the user sees. One of Susan’s customers buys two Happy Ninja t-shirts, at a total of £18. This customer will only see Local Pickup as a shipping option. In case the customer buys two t-shirts, the amount is still not high enough and now there is even a notice: shipping is only from £50 or higher.



The customer wants shipping and decides to buy 3 t-shirts and now has the option to select shipping at 10% of the cost of his cart.


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