Overview of Marketplace Developers

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On WooCommerce.com, we sell extensions that add niche, complex or unique functionality to power up WooCommerce stores. These extensions are either made by the WooCommerce team or by trusted Marketplace Developers, who create, maintain and support their products.

Marketplace Developer responsibilities

Marketplace Developers, sometimes called Marketplace Vendors, are individuals or companies who sell products on WooCommerce.com. They:

  • Maintain their own product listings
  • Improve their products as WordPress, WooCommerce and the broader eCommerce market evolve and update their products in response to customer feedback
  • Resolve problems that come up with their products
  • Provide support for customers who have purchased their products – if you log a support request for a product made by a Marketplace Developer, you’ll get a reply directly from them

Read our Marketplace Overview to better understand the role of Marketplace Developers.

How to know who makes a product

The owner of a product is listed on the product page.


And also noted when you log a support request for one of their products.


What information is shared with Marketplace Developers

In general, no personal information about customers is shared with Marketplace Developers, though they do see aggregate data about the sales of their products.

When a customer logs a support request with a Marketplace Developer, we will share some information to help the Developer respond to the request, including:

  • The customer’s email address, so the Developer can respond to the request
  • What product the email is in reference to and when the subscription for that product expires
  • Whatever information the customer shared on the ticket, including their website URL and system status report

If a customer asks a Developer about another product they’ve purchased in the course of a support interaction, the Developer may contact us to confirm the customer has purchased the product, and we may also share information about that product subscription with that Developer.

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