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Shipping Locations Pro lets your customers choose their shipping region from a handy dropdown menu.

With this extension, store owners have:

  • Access to the full list of shipping states for all countries in the world (instead of just a select few).
  • A powerful manager that allows for easy creating/editing of new states.
  • An improved customer checkout experience by selecting states from a dropdown menu for all countries.
  • An incredible tool to work alongside, and level-up, other shipping plugins.


Full Access to All States & Regions in WooCommerceblank


Manage States & Locations for all Countries


Create Custom Shipping Zones


Easier State Selection for Customers During Checkoutblank


Shipping Locations Pro provides the following benefits:

  • Granular control over the exact shipping locations available in each country.
  • Ability to customize the shipping locations to meet the exact regional requirements of the store.
  • A smoother checkout experience for the customer — as they can choose from a dropdown list of available states rather than manually typing it in.

How to get started

Ready to configure Shipping Locations Pro for your shipping zones? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download and install Shipping Location Pro in your WooCommerce store.
  2. Configure custom states for your country.
  3. Create custom shipping zones for each of the states in your country
  4. Check out our extensive documentation for advanced setup help.
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