The sidebar in WordPress can be set up to be on the left, right, or both sides at once. Here you can insert a lot of essential widgets which are necessary for your website.

Create a custom sidebar

GO TO > WP Admin > Codibu > Theme Options > Sidebars

You can create them in the Theme Options by providing the name of the custom sidebar.

Remember not to use special characters or the following names: buddy, events, forum, shop. Those are registered names for already used sidebars.

Populating the sidebars

Appending content into the sidebar is easier than you can imagine; using the WordPress widgets with a drag&drop option makes creating it very smooth and friendly.

GO TO > WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets

WooCommerce sidebar

Do not create a custom sidebar for Woocommerce. After installing that plugin, it creates it by default.
Use the sidebar named Plugin | Woocommerce, which can be found in the widgets tab.

GO TO > WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets

Assigning the sidebar

There are multiple possibilities to include them on a page.

Display one sidebar on all pages/posts

It’s simple; just select on which side you want to see it and provide the name of the sidebar you want to display.

Display sidebar on single page or post

While editing a page, you can select the side of the sidebar and which one should be displayed. You will find this option just under the Codibu Builder.

Quick Tip!

The global sidebar has priority

If you set a sidebar globally on the theme options > sidebars page, remember that this option will overwrite any sidebar set up individually on a page or post.



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