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Hosts that insist on SSL by proxy, such as Network Solutions), will cause problems with WordPress and WooCommerce because they prevent PHP and the WordPress is_ssl() function from detecting if the page is being served over HTTPS. This causes a redirect loop.

In Network Solutions’ own words:

Network Solutions® uses a proxy SSL; this does not allow the use of server-side variables to detect HTTPS (secure).  All server-side coding will always detect HTTP (non-secure), and for programs that attempt to redirect non-secure connections (http://) to a secure connection (https://) will result in an infinite loop and server error after 30 seconds.

Network Solutions have been aware of this limitation since 2007, so don’t expect a  change in policy anytime soon.

There is no workaround within PHP ( The only workaround is:

  1. Turn off the Force SSL settings within WooCommerce
  2. Use Javascript to redirect to SSL
Network Solutions’ own solution is JavaScript:
<script language="javascript">
if (document.location.protocol != "https:")
document.location.href = "" + document.location.pathname;
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