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In order to run WooCommerce Subscriptions, there are a few requirements that must be in place. This guide lists those requirements to help everything run smoothly. Also take a look at the WooCommerce requirements and server recommendations.

PHP Version 5.6 or greater, 7.0 or greater recommended
MySQL Version 5.6 or greater
WordPress Version 4.4 or greater
WooCommerce Version 3.0 or greater
Cron Working WP Cron
Site URL Live site served exclusively on one URL

How to Test WP Cron is Working

As mentioned in the requirements, having a working cron system is important for running Subscriptions. Recurring automatic payments and other functions are dependent on timing-sensitive actions and in order to implement those actions, cron must be working.

In order to test that WP Cron is working:

  1. On the dashboard, go to Posts > Add New.
  2. In the Publish box, next to the text that says “Publish immediately,” press the “Edit” link.


    Edit Post Page
  3. Fields will appear that allow a date to be chosen.  Choose a date and time. Click the “OK” button.


    Edit Post Schedule
  4. Click the “Schedule” button.


    Schedule Post
  5. Make sure that the post was published at or near the scheduled time.

Further Reading

Check out this post for more technical tips for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

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