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Product Thumbnails

These settings affect the thumbnails that are displayed along with the results produced by any instance of the live Product Search Field. This includes the automatic replacements of the standard search form, instances of the Product Search Field widget, the [woocommerce_product_search] shortcode and when the field is rendered using the API.blank

Search results are normally presented by showing the product thumbnail along with the product’s title and other information.

The live Product Search Field widget showing thumbnails

The following options related to thumbnails can be set here:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Crop thumbnails
  • Placeholder thumbnailsblank

The thumbnail width and height are the dimensions of the product thumbnails shown in search results produced by this plugins API functions, shortcodes and widgets.

The thumbnail images can be cropped to match the dimensions exactly if the option is enabled.

Placeholder thumbnails, if enabled, will show a default placeholder thumbnail image for products without a featured product image.

Filter Thumbnails

The settings in this section determine the appearance of the thumbnails that are displayed with the live Product Filters. When the display of thumbnails in these filters is enabled, these will be displayed according to the settings for the corresponding type of filter.blank

You will find one section for Product categories and one for Product tags. In addition to these, you will see one section for each product attribute.blank

Thumbnail images added to the terms of the Color product attribute


An example of the live product filter for the Color attribute showing thumbnails
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