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A tour operator wants to offer daily tours. Tours last two hours and the start times are 10:00AM, 2:00PM, and 6:00PM. Costs are different for Adults and Children. Maximum capacity for the tour is 25 people.


Products Used

Setup and Configuration

Create Product

  • Product is virtual (no need to ship anything)
  • Product has persons
  • Booking Duration is Fixed blocks of 2 hours

Availability tab

  • Max bookings per block: 25
  • All dates are not-available by default
  • Add time ranges for the tours:

Persons tab

Optional: set min and max persons. In this example the maximum persons should not be greater than the maximum bookings per block.

  • To enforce the requirement of a maximum number of 25 people on the tour, enable ‘Count persons as bookings’
  • To allow for different pricing for Adults & Children check the box for ‘Enable person types’
  • Press the ‘Add Person Type’ button and add a person type of ‘Adults’
  • Set the Base Cost at 25

Repeat the process to add a person type of ‘Children’ with a base cost of 20

Optionally define a minimum and maximum number for each person type to allow a minimum and maximum per booking. Again, the maximum should not be more than the maximum available blocks.

That’s all! The booking cost will be driven off of the number of each person type added to the booking.


This is what it will look like for your customers:


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