All of the translation possibilities in Codibu. Make your website multilingual or just translate a single string of text.

Built-in translator

Use the easiest and the fastest way to translate your theme, we recommend using our built-in translator, which you will find in the Theme options > Translate section.
It’s used only for translating strings that are used in the theme, not the page’s content.


For all those who prefer translation using files included in the theme, we recommend using the .mo/.po files.
Those files work in pairs, so for each language, you need to have two files with the same name but a different extension.
For example, if you want to translate into the German language, your files would be and de_DE.PO

You need to use Poedit, an easy-to-use software application, to edit these files. Simply upload the files into Poedit, edit them and upload them into the “languages” folder included in the theme.


Codibu has been thoroughly tested and is fully compatible with the WPML plugin. If you want a multilingual website, this is the best way to do it. If you want to use this plugin, however, you must purchase it first and install it into your WordPress platform. The following links contain useful WPML plugin information.

Quick Tip!

WPML Support

Please remember that the WPML plugin also comes with support from the plugin authors.



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