Use Case: Conditional Shipping for Northern Ireland

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Bob, a shop owner based in London, United Kingdom sells t-shirts. Bob has a tricky shipping case whereby shipping to Northern Ireland costs a bit more and takes a bit longer. Ideally, Bob, would like to create a separate shipping zone for all customers that have a shipping/billing address in Northern Ireland. Additionally, Bob would also like to have “Express Shipping” for all orders over £100.

Traditionally, using just the core WooCommerce plugin, Bob would need to locate the postcodes for all of Northern Ireland and then create a custom shipping zone based on those unique postcodes. While this is perfectly feasible, the reality is that a postcode-based shipping zone is both cumbersome and difficult to maintain.


For this use-case, the following extensions are needed:

  • Shipping Locations Pro – Used for adding the states/locations for the whole of the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland.
  • Conditional Shipping and Payments – Used for conditionally showing/hiding shipping methods based on the value of the products in the cart


Creating a New Shipping Zone for Northern Ireland

  1. Log in to the WordPress admin area
  2. Ensure that Shipping Locations Pro is installed & active
  3. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping
  4. Select Add shipping zone
  5. In the Zone name field, enter “Northern Ireland”
  6. In the Zone regions field, select the following states:
    1. County Antrim
    2. County Armagh
    3. County Down
    4. County Londonderry
    5. County Fermanagh
    6. County Tyrone
  7. Select Save changes


Adding a New Shipping Method for Northern Ireland

  1. Using the same shipping zone that was just created, select Add shipping method
  2. In the lightbox popup area, select Flat rate
  3. Once added, hover over the new shipping method and select Edit
  4. Change the Method title to Regular Shipping
  5. Add a Cost of £5
  6. Repeat steps #1 – #5, using Express shipping and £10 for the method title and cost respectively

Conditionally Show/Hide Shipping Methods Based on Cart Value

  1. Ensure that Conditional Shipping & Payments is installed & active
  2. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Restrictions > Shipping Methods
  3. Add a new rule with the following restrictions:



When configured correctly, the results are illustrated below:

Regular Shipping


Express Shipping


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