WooCommerce Bookings Helper

The WooCommerce Bookings helper helps you troubleshoot the bookings setup by allowing you to quickly export/import product settings.

All exports are in JSON file format and zipped.

Download the Bookings Helper plugin.

Global Availability Rules

Importing global availability rules will overwrite all rules. This is because a bookable product test case depends on these rules. Since this is an overwriting feature, you can first export the global availability rules for safekeeping before importing your test rules. This way you can always re-import your original rules.

Bookable Product

You can export any bookable product and all of its settings, including resources and persons.

If resources are defined, importing the bookable product will generate new resources that are linked to the specific product you imported. This means that if you import two products that use the same resources, the resources are duplicated. The easy fix here is to proceed with the import, then remove the duplicate resources and assign the first set of resources to the other product.


Install the plugin and activate. Then go to Tools >Bookings Helper.

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