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WooCommerce Memberships currently has very basic compatibility with bbPress, and requires you to use certain content restriction modes in order to restrict forums, topics, and/or topic tags.

If you’d like to see improved compatibility with bbPress, please vote for it here – feedback is always appreciated!



To restrict bbPress forums, topics, and replies, you must use either the Redirect to page or Hide completely restriction modes.

Redirect to page will let non-members see some aspects of your forums and topics:

  • For restricted forums, non-members can see your forum titles, descriptions, and the forum index. However, they cannot see restricted forums or the list of its topics.
  • For restricted topics, non-members can view the topic’s title, but not its contents or replies.

Hide completely will largely hide restricted forums, topics, and replies from non-members:

  • Restricted forums will never be visible. They won’t be shown in the forum index or within a forum category. Their associated topic list will also be hidden.
  • Restricted topics will not appear in the forum’s list of topics and won’t be directly accessible. Their replies will also be inaccessible.
Note: You cannot use Hide content only with bbPress because bbPress outputs its content separately from the WordPress content.

Restricting forums

Restricting a forum will prevent non-members from seeing any of the forum’s topics. You must individually restrict each forum that you want to hide from non-members; you cannot do this by restricting a forum category, as restrictions won’t be inherited.

For example: I have a “Movie” category that contains the forums “Avengers” and “Batman”, each with their own topics. Restricting by the “Movie” category won’t restrict the child forums “Avengers” and “Batman”. To restrict these forums, I’d need to either specifically restrict “Avengers” and “Batman” from the forum list or restrict all forums.



  • Restricting all forums will also hide your forum index.
  • Forum topics will still be directly accessible (via the exact URL) unless they are also restricted.


Restricting topics and replies

Restricting individual topics will let non-members see the topic’s title, but not the topic itself or any replies. Topics can be restricted directly or by the topic’s tag, which restricts all topics with that tag.

If topics are restricted, then non-members can see the forums (including titles and descriptions), as well as the list of topics, but won’t be able to see the individual topics or the associated replies in the forums.

Restricting forums, topics, and replies

If you want to prevent non-members from accessing a forum and its topics and replies, you must restrict both from the membership plan.

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