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If you use WooCommerce Product Vendors to create a marketplace on your site, you can use WooCommerce Memberships to integrate with that marketplace to restrict access to vendor products.


Restricting vendor products

When you sell items from vendors in your marketplace, you can restrict those items to members just as you can any other products. However, you can also restrict all products from a vendor to members easily.

When creating your membership plan (WooCommerce > Memberships > Membership Plans), you’ll see a new product type under the “Restrict Products” tab. You can select “Product Vendors”, then select a vendor to restrict all products from a vendor to this membership.

WooCommerce Memberships Product Vendors
Restrict all vendor products

When a customer views a product from this vendor, it will be restricted according to your rules.


Vendor discounts

All products from a particular vendor can be discounted. When creating a purchasing discount for a plan, you can select a vendor for the discount. This discount will be applied to any products from the vendor for members of this plan.

WooCommerce Memberships product vendor discount

Specific products from a vendor can be discounted as usual.


Granting access with vendor products

Products from a particular vendor can grant access to a membership, but a vendor cannot create this access — only shop managers and administrators can select a product to grant access to a membership.

Vendors will not see the “Memberships” meta box when creating or editing their products.


Vendor capabilities

Vendors typically have the “Customer” or “Subscriber” role on your site. This means that vendors cannot restrict their own products to members, create member discounts, or grant access to a membership with their products — only Shop Managers and Administrators can manage memberships. Since a membership may apply to products from another vendor, we cannot give vendors this capability.

If you’d like to restrict a vendor’s products to a membership, a shop manager or admin must do so. If a vendor’s product should have a member discount, or should grant access to a site membership, the shop manager or administrator must configure this when editing the plan.

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