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To get support for issues and questions you might have, there are two paths:

  • Helping you help yourself. Issues can be solved right away and you need not open a ticket and wait for a reply, no matter how fast we are.
  • Contacting our Help Desk. It greatly speeds up the process if you give us as much information as possible: Things like your WooCommerce System Status Report, a temporary login, and more as outlined below.

Search our documentation

Enter your question in the search box above, or use your favorite search engine to research a solution.

Verify everything is up to date

To ensure you have the latest version of the software powering your site (WordPress, plugins, and themes), go to the Dashboard > Updates menu to see if anything needs to be updated.


To provide the most efficient support possible, update your theme and plugins BEFORE contacting support.

Update Notifications

If you purchased a WooCommerce product, you must activate your WooCommerce keys as described in Managing SubscriptionsThis is only necessary for products downloaded from (paid or free).

Check for conflicts

To properly troubleshoot an issue, we need to rule out theme or plugin conflicts.

  1. Enable a default WordPress theme, such as Twenty Seventeen. If the issue stops, there is a conflict with your theme. Contact the theme developer for assistance.
  2. Deactivate temporarily all plugins except WooCommerce and the plugin presenting issues. Reactivate plugins one by one and repeat the same actions you took when the issue arose to find the one causing conflict. More at: How to Test for Conflicts.
  3. Contact us if the issue persists and is related to a product.

Third-party (non-Woo) themes or plugins are supported by the maker, and you must contact the developer directly. We only support products we create and offer on

Contact Woo Support

Click to Open a Ticket.

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