Product Add-Ons Integration

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WooCommerce Bookings is compatible with Product Add-Ons (sold separately). Used together, you can create more powerful booking forms with additional options.

Setting up add-ons for bookable products is the same as other types of product with the exception of Add-ons options. Both WooCommerce Bookings and Product Add-Ons must be installed and activated.

  1. Follow directions for Creating a Bookable Product.
  2. Go to the Add-ons tab in Product Data.
  3. Select Add Field. A window displays with Add-on fields (next step).
  4. Select Checkboxes from the Type dropdown.
  5. Select whether to multiply the add-on cost by the number of persons booking or the number of blocks being booked.
  6. Add Option.

The release of Bookings 1.5 included Google Calendar integration with Product Add-On information.

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