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This page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to WooCommerce, products sold on, and account management on

General Questions

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It’s software that helps you create, manage, and share your content on the web. Currently, WordPress has two flavors, (hosted) and (self-hosted). Themes purchased on can be used on self-hosted sites, or the business and eCommerce plans on You can find themes on our theme page.

What is a theme?

A theme, synonymous with template or skin, is a ready-to-use layout and design that you can activate on your WordPress site. WordPress handles all of the content for you (posts, pages, comments), while the theme transforms that content into a beautiful and clean layout for visitors to enjoy. Many themes come with configurable options via the WordPress Customizer.

How do I install my Woo theme?

Once you have installed WordPress on your site, it’s straightforward. Follow the instructions outlined in Installing A Woo Theme.

How do I customize my Woo theme?

This is a question that depends on what you want to achieve with your theme. Things like the ability to upload your own custom logo and add a background to your theme, etc. are built into WordPress and controlled by the Customizer.

Outside of our theme settings, you need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to tweak the layout and style of your theme. To dig deeper, PHP knowledge specific to WordPress is also helpful. The WordPress Codex is a great place to start learning.

Finally, when you are ready to customize one of our themes, a child theme is the best approach. A child theme is a place to house customizations and modifications to its parent theme. Be amazed by what you can do with a child theme, a basic style.css, and a functions.php file. Here’s our tutorial on child themes. There are many resources out there for creating child themes; it only takes a quick search!

Do your themes work on

The themes you get from Woo work on self-hosted WordPress installations made possible by If you have a Business Plan, you can also upload your own Woo themes to your site by going to My Site > Themes, then use the Upload Theme button.

Do I receive support for the theme I purchased on

For themes purchased on, you need to log into and go to the premium themes support forum.

What theme does use?

Our website is using a child theme based on Storefront, all powered by WooCommerce and some custom code.

How do you provide support?

The best way to get help with products is to search for answers in our Documentation. We’re creating and maintaining resources that help you to help yourself.

If you need additional assistance, you can go to the Help Desk to start a live chat or submit a ticket directly related to the product you need help with.

Product support via phone is unavailable at this time, brief initial support is available via Facebook and Twitter – the team may direct you to submit a ticket for full support. Please read our Support Policy for further information.

Do you have a phone number?

We don’t — as mentioned above — all support is text-based, this way you can refer back to it later if needed. If you have pre-sales or support questions, contact us here!

Pre-Purchase and Accounts Questions

How do I purchase on

Find the product you wish to purchase, click the Buy button, and select your subscription or package. You’ll then be taken to our checkout page where you can log into your existing account to use saved information or register a new account. The checkout process is below the register area.

I haven’t received my receipt or login details

The e-mail is sent the moment your payment is approved, and that should be almost immediately. If you don’t receive an email receipt or login information soon after, contact us and we’ll check on your payment and account.

I can’t log in to my account on!

Please contact us if you are having trouble logging into your account, and we’ll sort it out.

I can’t find my products purchased on!

If you don’t see your purchased products on the My Account page, please contact us. If you have another WooCommerce account or bought a product on behalf of a client, be prepared to provide that information.

How do I buy a product with my existing account?

Ensure that you are logged into the correct account before going to the checkout page. If you aren’t logged in, or you’re logged into the wrong account, it’s necessary to log into the correct account before starting the purchase.

Which payment types do you accept?

We currently accept all major payment cards and use as our payment gateway: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diner’s Club, and American Express card. All prices are in charged in US Dollars (USD) and this will be exchanged to your local currency by your bank or card issuer.

I can’t purchase anything. There is an error during checkout!

Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to find out what happened.

Where do I download my purchase(s)?

Once your order is complete, a download link is shown on the Order Received page, and you will also receive an email notification with a download link. You may also visit our site at any time to download your purchase(s). Go to your account page and click the Downloads tab to find all available products. Viewing downloads on our site is also a great way to see other info, such as the current version of your product, when that version was released, and the Changelog for each update.

How do I cancel my account?

If you can log in and access your account, you are using for the Login process. Closing your account will close the linked account. If you haven’t connected or you are unable to access your account, please contact us to help delete your account.

Theme Package Questions

What is the difference between theme packages?

WooCommerce no longer sells a theme package.

However, in the past, the Standard Package included the theme (.zip file). The Developer Package included the theme (.zip file) and a PSD (Adobe Photoshop) file for the homepage layout. The All Themes Package gave access to all themes in the catalog, including all child themes and all PSD files.

How long will I receive updates and support?

You receive updates and support for as long as your subscription is in effect. Refer to our Subscriptions section.

Does my theme package ever expire?

You stop receiving product updates and support when your Subscription has expired. You can still use your theme; it will still work. Refer to our Subscriptions section.

Does my theme purchase include a PSD file?

No. This used to be the case for our former Developer Package and All Themes Package but not for the Standard Package.

What’s the big deal about the PSD file?

The PSD files (original design in Photoshop format) came in handy when making structural and design changes to a theme before jumping into code. This option was usually selected by design agencies and freelancers who need to mock up an initial site design (jpg, gif, png or psd format) to present to clients. They then didn’t need to get their hands dirty in PHP/HTML/CSS before having the exact design brief in hand. Lots of our themes depend not only on styling colors/typography in CSS but also on background images. Using PSD files allows for quick tweaks to these images. You can, of course, re-create images if you know your way around Photoshop, but for novices, this should set you in the right direction.

Can I test a theme before purchasing?

Yes, you can review theme demos or access each from its product page. If you have questions on how our themes work, you can read our Theme Documentation for more information. We also have a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try the theme. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to issue a refund.

I can’t find my theme, is it retired?

You can find the full list of retired themes at Retired Woo Themes Subscription Questions

A subscription is an annual purchase of an extension on that gives access to support and updates for that extension for 1 connected store per subscription. More specific answers to subscription questions can be found below.

Renewals are billed at 100% of the current price, you can review this on the product listing on Auto-renewals are turned on by default and can be switched off on the My Subscriptions page. More details on auto-renewals can be found here.

What are subscription keys for?

All products from have keys that allow for an active subscription to access product updates and our support team.

We do not have Developer Keys/Licenses with a higher level of support.

How many sites can I use my subscriptions on?

One active and valid subscription key can be used on an active site and a staging/test/development site. This allows you to test your extensions in a live and development environment simultaneously, without the need to swap or activate, deactivate and reactivate.

In the past, we offered 5- and 25-site subscriptions. As of February 2020, all purchases are for single-site subscriptions. If you have a legacy 5-site subscription, then it can be used on 5 active sites and 5 test/development sites. If you have a legacy 25-site subscription, then 25 active sites and 25 test/development sites can use the product. We classify each “site” as an activation URL.

What is classified as an activation URL?

  • Subdomains are separate sites – a key activated for does not cover
  • Sub-directory sites are separate sites – a key activated for does not cover
  • Protocols – Due to how we handle activation URLs, the http “version” is not the same as https – this could count as a new site, or one would be classified as the dev/staging/test site and one would be classified as live.

Example scenario: One Development / + One Live site:  = One (1) full subscription key used.

How does subscription activation work?

To activate a subscription, you will need to connect your store to This key can be activated/deactivated as many times as necessary.

Are subscriptions valid for a lifetime?

No, each key is valid from the date of purchase and for as long as your subscription(s) is/are in effect.

I made a purchase before the changes. How long is my subscription valid?

If you purchased a product before August 1, 2013, which included lifetime support and updates, you had the option to grandfather your purchase under these terms before August 1, 2015. Everyone who qualified was sent five notices — one at 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 2 weeks and on August 1, 2015. A link to auto-grandfather was also available on qualifying accounts until August 1, 2015. The deadline has long passed.

“Lifetime” referred to the lifetime of a product, not a purchaser/buyer’s lifetime.

How do I renew my subscription?

If auto-renew is enabled, your subscription renews on the due date and your card is charged. Email notification and receipt are sent to confirm you paid for another year.

You are sent a renewal reminder email 60, 30, 14, 7 and 2 days prior to the subscription renewal date. You can also find renewal information on the My Subscriptions page. These emails are also sent if auto-renew is disabled.

How much does it cost to renew my subscription?

Subscriptions are billed annually at 100% of the current price. Coupon codes or other promotional discounts do not apply to renewals.

What do I receive when renewing my subscription?

Renewing your subscription entitles you to support and updates to your product. This ensures compatibility with newer versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, as well as bug fixes and new features and enhancements to the product.

What happens if my subscription expires or is deactivated?

If your subscription has expired or did not auto-renew, you will not be able to renew it. You may purchase a new copy of the product in order to have an active license. You can still use the product on your site for as long as you like but you can no longer access the file for download or receive support or updates for the product.

Many of our store owners download their product(s) before the expiration of their subscription to keep a copy on file, if they know they cannot or will not renew. Our support team will not offer the download files if your subscription is expired.

If you are having trouble with the product, go to the product page and check the Changelog to see if an update may help address the issue. When a product is not working, updating should always be the first step when troubleshooting.

How do keys work with a multisite network?

On a WordPress Multisite, all plugins are stored in one location. When you update your plugin in the Network Admin, all sub-sites receive the update. To access support and updates, you need one subscription key for each site where the plugin/extension is activated.

How do I deactivate my subscription or transfer to another site?

To deactivate your key and reactivate on another site, deactivate the key from the WooCommerce Account Dashboard – My Subscriptions page. The key can then be activated on the new site to start receiving support and updates for that URL.

Note that you no longer need to follow this process to use a subscription key on a test site or in a development environment – the key will work automatically.

Can I transfer a subscription to a client, co-worker or friend?

A subscription can be transferred. If you and the recipient both have a account, follow the instructions at Transferring Subscriptions. The recipient must have a account and can sign up for one at Create an Account.

Multisite subscriptions (no longer available). You can request that all 5 or all 25 subscriptions be transferred to a single account. It’s not possible to transfer one key from a multisite license, however, you can share it.

My product is free, do I need to renew?

No. Free products are automatically renewed to ensure your key continues to work and that you have access to support, updates and the downloadable product. If you only have free products, you need not store a payment method for renewals.

What’s the difference between a product license and a subscription?

Licenses were purchased manually each year, while subscriptions are automatically renewed until you choose to cancel. Other than that, subscriptions work much the same as licenses.

We made this language change in February 2016 to better reflect what we want to provide our customers. Rather than a one-time purchase, we wish to create an ongoing relationship with our customers and felt that the term “subscription” better captured our intentions.

What happens to licenses that were purchased before the switch to subscriptions?

Existing licenses are now active subscriptions, but we did not turn on auto-renew for these. To ensure your subscriptions stay active, please add a payment method and enable auto-renew on your existing subscriptions.

To keep the language consistent, license keys are called “keys,” but all active products continue to work without needing to activate a new key.

Auto-Renew Questions

Are auto-renewals enabled on my purchases?

  • For purchases made after February 2016, auto-renew is enabled by default.
  • For purchases made before February 2016, you need to enable the option auto-renew on a per-product basis.

You can review and change the renewal settings by visiting the My Subscriptions page in your account.

How do I enable auto-renewals?

Auto-renewals can be enabled by visiting My Subscriptions. There’s a toggle button next to the product name and the expiry date to auto-renew.

Follow the prompts on this page to add a stored payment method for automatic billing. Once your payment information has been added, you can toggle auto-renewal on from the right side of each product listing.

What payment methods can be stored?

Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diner’s Club, and American Express. More information at Cards and Payment Types accepted by Stripe.

Can I store more than one payment method?

No. You can only store one payment method per account. For developers building sites for clients, we recommend that the client owns his/her subscriptions on their account.

How do I disable auto-renewal or cancel a subscription?

To disable automatic renewals for a product, visit the My Subscriptions page and toggle auto-renewal off from the right side of the listing.

This will also cancel your subscription when it expires.

Disabling auto-renew is also a way to pay “manually.” Enter a credit card to enable auto-renew, allow payment to be taken on the due date, and then disable auto-renew. 

Can I enable auto-renewal on one product but not others?

Yes, you can toggle this on and off per product, regardless of whether products were purchased as part of the same order.

Plugins and WooCommerce Extensions

What is the difference between a WordPress plugin and a WooCommerce Extension?

An extension is a WordPress plugin that requires a base plugin to work and function. In this case, you must have the WooCommerce plugin installed to use WooCommerce extensions.

We practice a lean product development approach at Woo, which means we avoid adding unnecessary features. This would cause product bloat and potentially slow down a site. This is why we build WooCommerce extensions separately. This allows you to customize your site to only include features you need to run your online shop.

Is buying a plugin or WooCommerce extension a one-time charge?

When purchasing a product, you are purchasing a subscription to receive updates and support. Subscriptions are billed annually. Please see the Subscription Renewals section for more info.

How many products can WooCommerce handle?

Can WooCommerce handle thousands of products? Yes! This is dependent on both WooCommerce and your web host. WooCommerce by nature needs more memory than a basic WordPress install, and this isn’t typically an issue with a decent host. We have optimized WooCommerce, and continue doing so to make it better. WooCommerce can handle a big site with lots of orders, and our own site is proof of that.

Does WooCommerce charge any fees per transaction?

No. The only fee you pay at Woo is your yearly subscription fee for the extension. It’s normally only the payment gateway you use that charges a fee per transaction, and fees vary by the payment gateway. You can find rates on their sites to make the best choice for your shop.

Can I test an extension?

We do not offer a trial or test version of our plugins/extensions. This is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you find the product does not work the way you need, we can issue a refund.

General WooCommerce Questions

Do your themes work with the latest version of WordPress?

Yes, it is our duty to keep themes updated and working with the latest version of WordPress.

All extensions and themes sold on support the latest minor release of WooCommerce and WordPress core, and the previous two before that. The WooCommerce versions are in the SemVer format ( Major.Minor.Patch) which started in version 3.0.0. For example, if the current version is 4.5.x then the oldest WooCommerce version we support is 4.3.x. Ideally, you are running the latest version of WooCommerce and are staying updated with the most secure version of WordPress.

Can I translate a theme or extension?

Yes. All of our themes are localized using GNU gettext functionality. That means each of our themes includes a (.po) file with all of the English terms we used, enabling users to only edit one file to translate our themes to any language in the world. For more detail, read our tutorials on Translating Themes or Translating WooCommerce Extensions.

What browsers and operating systems are supported?

At, we follow the core guidelines for browser version support which you can find in the Handbook. Please consider upgrading to the latest version for optimal performance and experience or switch to a different browser. The Web will thank you! More information on the Browse Happy website.

What versions of WooCommerce are supported?

All extensions and themes sold on support the latest minor release of WooCommerce and WordPress core, and the previous two before that. The WooCommerce versions are in the SemVer format ( Major.Minor.Patch) which started in version 3.0.0. For example, if the current version is 4.5.x then the oldest WooCommerce version we support is 4.3.x. Ideally, you are running the latest version of WooCommerce and are staying updated with the most secure version of WordPress.

Can I remove the WooCommerce footer credit?

Yes! You can remove any credit link in the footer, which doesn’t violate our Terms & Conditions. See documentation at: Remove Woo Footer Credit.

How often are themes updated?

We update our themes any time we discover a bug or there is a new feature we feel should be added. View the Changelog on your Downloads page to check the latest version.

How do I update my theme?

If you are running a Storefront Child Theme then ensure your site is connected to the account which purchased it, then activate the purchase. When your site is connected, any theme updates will be available on the Themes page or via the WordPress Updates page.

In every theme package, we include a changelog.txt that includes all changes for each version. This Changelog is also available via your Downloads page and the documentation for each theme. It’s worth reading to understand if the changes are valuable to you and your site. Of course, we recommend staying updated.

If you haven’t made modifications to theme files, then you can overwrite your existing theme files. If you have made modifications to your theme, you need to study the Changelog to see which files need updating.

You can also compare your old modified file against the updated file with a good HTML Editor or use an online tool. We have details about how to fix outdated theme templates in the documentation. We suggest using child themes to save and preserve modifications as this saves you the headache of comparing files and worrying about overwriting customizations. More at Best Practices when Customizing a Theme.

Do your themes work with plugins?

Yes, most plugins should work with our themes. However, we can’t guarantee they all will. There are some plugins that conflict with the code used in themes and cause them to function improperly. There are thousands of plugins available, and it would be impossible to test every single one with our themes. If the plugin has been coded to WordPress standards, it’ll work 99% of the time.

Can I use your themes for clients’ sites?

Yes. You’re welcome to use themes this way without violating our terms. We do need to point out that your personal Woo membership isn’t transferrable to your customers – that means we are unable to support your customers for you. Your team needs to act as the Help Desk for your customers, or they need to purchase an additional theme from us to access Woo support. If you have questions about licensing, you can check the GNU site that explains how our GPL v2 license works and in-depth conditions related to redistributing our themes:

Do your themes work with WordPress Multisite (WPMS)?

Yes, our themes work with WPMS! Take a look at our demo sites – they run on WPMS.

Can I change the logo?

Yes, we highly encourage it! The logo is a PNG file used only as an example. You can upload your own image logo in our options panel, or instead set a text title.

Do your themes work with BuddyPress?

Probably. Our themes aren’t specifically developed to include BuddyPress integration. But as of the release of BuddyPress 1.7, they’ve made BuddyPress work better with all themes. We’ve not tested our themes with BuddyPress, though you should now have better integration.

Do you have sample content for WooCommerce?

Yes, of course. WooCommerce has its own set of download, set up, and test with your theme. Go to our Theme Demo Content page now! (The WooCommerce sample data was previously called dummy data)

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