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If you’re looking to move your store from Etsy to WooCommerce, or just want to set up your own personal store outside of Etsy, you can use our simple product import guide below to get your Etsy product listings into a new or existing WooCommerce store.

Note: This is a one-time import. Any updates in your Etsy shop won’t automatically sync to WooCommerce after the import.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Etsy does not export the prices or quantities of variants. If you have variants, their prices will match after importing, and the quantities will be set to 0. You can follow this guide on how to set up Product Variations once you have imported all your products.
  • Digital products imported from Etsy will be listed as physical products. That is not a big problem though – WooCommerce is build to handle digital products as easily as it handles physical products. To list these items as digital products,  on setting up digital products and this more in-depth look at digital file handling.
  • Manually created .csv files won’t import correctly. To successfully import products from Etsy you must follow the steps below using a .csv file exported from Etsy.

Step 1: Export your Etsy products

1/ Visit and log into your account to get started.

2/ Click Shop Manager in the top-right corner.

3/ Once you in the Shop Manager dashboard, select Settings and then Options in the menu on the left of the screen.


3/ Click the Download Data tab and then click Download CSV.


Step 2: Import your products to a new WooCommerce store

1 / If you are setting up a new store, follow this guide on how to go about 

2 / If you have followed the onboarding wizard during installing WooCommerce, on the last screen you will get an option to create a new product or import products.

blank3/ Click the Import products button.

4/ Select Choose File and then upload the CSV file you downloaded from Etsy in Step 1.


5/ Continue.

The Column Mapping screen will display, and WooCommerce automatically attempts to match or “map” the Column Name from your CSV to Fields.


6/ Use dropdown menus on the right side to adjust fields or indicate ‘Do not import.’

*Any unrecognized columns will not be imported by default.


6/ Select Run the Importer.


7/ Wait until the Importer is finished. Do not refresh or touch the browser while in progress.


Step 3: Importing products to an existing WooCommerce store

If you have an existing WooCommerce store and would like to import your products from Etsy to it – you can follow our guide here which walks you through the process of importing products to an existing WooCommerce store.

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